How censorship can influence the history of cinema

Have you ever heard about the Hays code or the motion picture production code ? 
At the end of the 20's, the church asked hollywood to censor its films, so a priest and a catholic editor wrote the text setting out the censorship rules. But, at the time, there was only mute cinema, so, even when the first speaking movie appeared in 1927 (« The jazz singer »), the rules only applied for the pictures. The rules were useless because  « obsene » images were replaced by « obsene » dialogues. That's why a second version of the Hays code was made in 1934, including censorship applicable to dialogue. But that's not the important point here, we have to understand that realisators used the censorship and its limits to propose some movies and sequences which are today famous because they circomvented the rules in funny ways. For example, the text said that a kiss could not last more than three seconds, and, during this period, Hitchcock propose the longest kiss of cinema history. So, how…

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About Us Pascale, Marine and Julie will work together on a blog about movies. Despite our different past backgrounds and culture, we have found in cinema a subject which brings us together.   Marine  has been educated in a world full of art and culture, she will be the perfect person to find some links between cinema and other forms of arts. Pascale and Julie are both studying philosophy, and so they will analyse some  movies from a philosophical and moral point of view. Pascale's favorite movie is "Lawrence of Arabia", Marine's is "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", and Julie's is "Le dîner de cons".
We all love cinema, and that's a passion that we can't find in our respective university course.
It's really interesting to work about cinema because we can propose a lot of different things.About cinema history, about movies and stories but also about the place, the cinema theater. We can talk about the cinema's influence, we can talk a…